The number one model for test process improvement in the world!

The TMMi model looks at software testing at different maturity levels while focusing on the needs of the organization in the context of its business environment.

Improving software quality

Improving test processes/practices.

Supports Agile

The TMMi DACH Foundation is an organisation dedicated to improving software product quality and test processes/practices.

Freely available software quality and test maturity model named Test Maturity Model integration, (the TMMi® DACH Model).  This model has been confirmed to be the number one model for test process improvement in the world.

 TMMi DACH Supports Agile 

 Use TMMi in Agile Execution  

TMMi Asssement Method (TAM)

Accredited assessment method for conducting test process assessments against the TMM.

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Becoming a certified professional is open to all with an interest in the TMMi model. Qualified individuals can demonstrate an understanding and application of the TMMi syllabus. From entry-level to Lead Assessor, TMMi Professional is an essential part of the qualification path.

New TMMi Lightning Scan Tool

The Lightning Scan tool, recently unveiled by the TMMi Foundation, offers a convenient means for software testing teams to perform a swift and effortless informal evaluation of their testing procedures.

Based on Microsoft Excel, this tool enables teams to promptly detect areas that need enhancement and to obtain a clearer grasp of their current testing proficiency level. With the Lightning Scan, the TMMi model becomes more accessible and easier to understand for the user.

Download TMMi Lightning Scan Tool v1.0

The TMMi Model ~ Aims and Objectives

The model is a leading universal standard reference that provides industries’ best practices that are based on being evaluated against various models and established use across different lifecycle models. 

Through the model assessment framework, provision is made for the clear evaluation of risks, strengths, and best practices of an organization through TMMi-based assessments. 

The model provides test effectiveness, and efficiency in product quality as well as test process improvements and prioritization of process areas. A fully accredited scheme is available for Assessment Service Providers to formally assess an organization using the TMMi model criteria.

In collaboration with CMMI, a substantially similar maturity structure, while simultaneously providing a holistic support structure regarding software and system testing.  The TMMi Foundation has been supporting the ISO/IEC Working Group 26 (within the JTC1/SC7 Software and Systems Engineering) as a Category C liaison since 2014.

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