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The TMMi Foundation does not conduct assessments, it produces certified assessors.

The TMMi Assessment Method (TAM) is an accredited assessment method for conducting test process assessments against the TMMi. Conducting your training at a verified provider will allow for the use of licensed TAM. 

Training Providers

It is essential to obtain training from accredited providers to ensure accuracy and quality in certified professionals, providing assessors who comply with the TMMi methodology. Training courses are conducted through recognized training providers, ensuring adherence to the standards set out by the TMMi Foundation.

The TMMi Foundation is committed to high-caliber, quality assessments in every area.

Exam Details

The TMMi Professional exam is comprised of 40 multiple-choice questions. Each correctly answered question is worth one point.


(26 or more points) is required to pass.


Extra time for non-native speakers.


Minutes per exam.

In the download section of this website you will find two 40-question TMMi Professional practice exams, both are built similar to the official TMMi certification exam.

Exams may be taken after a training course or independently

If you are interested in taking a course prior to the exam, the TMMi Foundation recommends courses that are conducted by TMMi Professional recognized training providers.
To see all currently recognized TMMi Professional training providers:
click here.


Sample and practice examinations are available to download

Examination Providers

In order to complete your certification, an exam needs to be completed with an accredited examination provider. Visit GASQ or iSQI for more information.

Get Listed as an Accredited Assessor

TMMi Assessors and Lead Assessors who become accredited are listed as independent assessment conductors. Individuals and organizations alike are able to list as either an independent assessor, lead assessor, or accredited (Assessment Service Provider ASP). All assessors and organizations are formally certified by the TMMi Foundation.