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TMMi Model

The TMMi Assessment method, also known as TAM is an accredited assessment method that can only be conducted by a licensed and certified accredited assessor. The test assessor will demonstrate the ability to follow the TMMi assessment method checklist following the Test Maturity Model and Test Process Improvement Model. In order to obtain a license to conduct test process assessments against the TMMi method, training must be conducted through an accredited provider.

Licensing the TMMi Model

The TMMi Assessment Method (TAM) requires a license to conduct TAM-based assessments. A license can be purchased by completing the Assessment Service Provider application form, indicating that you will be using the TAM license. The use of the license application may only be completed once training has been conducted with an accredited training provider.

The documents required can be found here. 

Assessor Training

Becoming an accredited assessor begins with the TMMi Professional Certification qualification. In this portion of the training, individuals are required to demonstrate an understanding of the TMMi Framework. In the following portion, individuals completing the training will be required to attend workshops where the skills and competencies will be required to be demonstrated, leading to the ability to conduct assessments against the model. Workshop attendees are required to be in possession of the TMMi Professional Certificate prior to attending.

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The path toward becoming a TMMi Lead Assessor

Becoming a TMMi Lead Assessor includes completing a four-day training course, as with the TMMi Assessor training, as well as an additional two-day training course with an accredited training provider. TMMi Lead Assessors have the ability to plan, prepare and lead assessment teams in both formal and informal assessments while possessing the capacity to define programs for test process improvement and identify vital success factors. More information on the TMMi Lead Assessor training can be found here.