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Test Process Improver

Holders of the qualification will have an opportunity to improve their level of test maturity using the TMMi Model with the qualified TMMi test process improver having the ability to demonstrate effective facilitation of test improvement. The individual is thus able to provide extensive support within the organization or project to initiate, implement and support TMMi-based improvement testing such as the improvement of business value provided to sponsors and stakeholders.

The TMMi Test Process Improver Qualification is intended to support career development and creative visibility.

Capabilities of a Test Process Improver

The Test Process Improver has the ability to initiate and manage a test improvement project while implementing TMMi base improvements, with advanced knowledge and skills in areas of testing and TMMi process improvements and assessments. The test process Improve will be ideal for those following career steps involved in test consulting and test process improvement, providing individuals with the ability to show stakeholders and the market what expertise can be performed in terms of TMMi-based test process improvement activities.


Those who hold the TMMi Test Process Improver Qualification can demonstrate competency in:

TMMi Model

Hold the TMMi Professional Certificate which includes process improvement

Testing processes, roles, and practices

Hold 2 ISTQB certificates or equivalent, other than the ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level. This can be any Advanced Level module or a module from the Agile or Specialist streams. Other non-ITSQB test certificates can be submitted if the ability to demonstrate in-depth testing knowledge can be demonstrated. 

Process Assessment ~ Knowledge and skills can be demonstrated in various ways:

By possessing an accredited TMMi Assessor or TMMi Lead Assessor status, alternatively through holding an accredited SCAMPI Appraiser or Lead Appraiser status (SCAMPI – Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement).It can also be demonstrated through attending an assessor course with a TMMi Assessment Service Provider or through attending an assessor course on the TMMi Assessment Method (TAM). The final way is through having assessed for at least 24 hours with an informal TMMi assessment led by an accredited TMMi assessor or a formal TMMi assessment led by an accredited TMMi lead assessor.

Application Process

The necessary forms, documents, and other relevant certificates are to be submitted to recognized exam providers who handle the application process.

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Get Listed as a Test Process Improver

A certified TMMi test process improver provides thorough support within an organization. 

TMMi Test Process Improvers have the knowledge and skill to not only provide support for an organization but have the ability to initiate and implement TMMi-based improvements. Completing and submitting the required documents and concluding an examination through a recognized exam provider will ensure the path towards accreditation.